Get all the pros of group messaging, without all the cons.

60-day free trial.
No credit card required.

60 day free trial.
No credit card required.

Wrinkl is group messaging built for business.

Distill what’s important. Act on your own timeline. Save and file important conversations. Create a system of record.

Conversations with context

Send and receive emails in Wrinkl

Keep the conversation in one place

Need input from someone outside the group discussion? Just click to send an email from the channel. When the reply is received simply click to share it with the group.

Have a sidebar conversation

No DM required

With sidebars you can message privately, one-to-one, within a larger group discussion. So whisper in someone’s ear, and keep the conversational context at the same time.

Reference messages for context

No more copy-and-pasting

With one-click references, everyone knows which message you’re responding to.

Organized knowledge base

Make lists to view later

Your personal project manager

Have peace of mind while removing unnecessary cognitive load. Quickly scan incoming messages, and mark them as a “to-do,” “for later,” or “outstanding” (things you’re waiting for).Each marked message gets added to the relevant list, which you can view when you have more time.

Bundle important messages

Your system of record

Bundles are your group messaging’s filing system. Conversations, specific messages and important links and files can all be saved, named and archived — or even forwarded to, say, management for approval of a decision or to document the results of a project. Make them private — just for you — or public — for the entire team, like an employee handbook.

Surveys made easy

No ifs, ands or bots

Surveys are a snap to create in any channel, and can be posted to multiple channels, or even emailed to include customers, vendors and any other third parties. Results are rendered beautifully and aggregated in one place.

Work on your own timeline

Distill what’s important

At a Glance

Wrinkl is the only group messaging platform with two modes: One for chat and another for “At a Glance.” At a Glance is where your lists reside and can be acted on. It’s where all the messages mentioning you reside. And it’s where your “bundles” reside — where you save important files and conversations. It’s where all your documents and articles you’ve sent and received are saved.

Don’t become another victim of group messaging. Join Wrinkl, and message productively.

Take a test drive.

No credit card required.

60-day free trial