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Team messaging
designed for business.

60 day free trial.
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60 day free trial.
No credit card required.



Wrinkl is an innovative team communication platform that brings clarity and productivity to collaboration.

Don’t just talk about work. Get it done.

Watch our video to learn how.

Essential Tools


Confused by a message or what it refers to? References allow you to tag a prior message to retain context and refocus conversations.

email  Email Integration

Need input from outside your messaging group? Email Integration does what no other messaging app can do – send, receive and share emails on one platform!

sidebar  Sidebars

Need to whisper in someone’s ear without leaving a group conversation? Sidebars enable a one-to-one (1:1) confidential dialogue without losing context or disengaging from the group.

list  Lists

Do important messages seem to disappear without proper closure? With Lists, instantly transform any message into an action item – easy to prioritize and track.

survey  Surveys

Need group feedback on a few questions but dread tracking everyone’s responses? Easy-to-create Surveys automatically collect and compare your team’s responses all in one place.

bundel  Bundles

No time to organize important messages or summarize group discussions in an email? Bundles aggregate messages for quick future reference or to share with team members.

A View

Just for You

Are you wasting time searching for important messages, outstanding action items, misplaced links or high-priority attached files? With Wrinkl’s unique “At a Glance” view, the information that is most relevant to you is distilled, organized and in one place.

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